Stay up to date with everything Lakeview is doing in response to the coronavirus. 
    In addition to updates regarding worship & fellowship, we are providing information in an effort to better understand COVID-19.  We will continue to update this page frequently as we have more information to share.

    Currently, all in-person gatherings are suspended until further notice

    What is social distancing & why is it important?

    Clean hands save lives!
    Best practices for germ free hands.


    This is an important opportunity to help during the coronavirus crisis.  Marie Murphy is making masks that are being utilized by hospitals and healthcare professionals across the country.  She is in need
    of anyone who has a machine and can sew to help meet the demands she has received.  You will
    find helpful instructions and video tutorials below 
    on how these masks are made.
    If interested, please reach out to Marie at


    Helpful Instructions & Tutorials On Making A Face Mask

    How to make a mask for children & adults

    How to make an adult face mask with ties